Bath Indulgence

Small Dog £20-£25

Medium Dog £25- £28

Large Dog £28-£32

Shampoo & Conditioning

Blow Dry

Pad Trimming

Ear Cleaning

Nail Clipping

Spritz of Cologne/Perfume

The Works

Small Dog £26-£40

Medium Dog £30-£45

Large Dog £38-£65

Bath Indulgence

Style and cut to your liking

(The style will reflect the final price)

It is recommended that this is done every 6-8 weeks

Puppy Love


Ideal for new puppy owners

Bath and Blow Dry

Nail Clipping

Ear Cleaning

Paw/Sanitary Trim

Face Trim

Grooming Training


ALL £7

This is permitting your dog will accept the nail clippers.

In the likely event your dog shows signs of discomfort we will have to terminate the treatment.

Ear Cleanse

ALL £12

Please understand we do not insert anything into the ear canal.

If your dog shows significant signs of ear problems this will need to be address by a vet to eliminate any underlining problems.

Brush It Out

ALL £15 per hour

This treatment is for the busy owners who would rather get their dog professionally brush inbetween grooms. We offer discount rates if your dog already comes to us for their 6-8 week pamper.

The dog should already come into us with a good condition of coat.

This does not include the brushing out of matts.

This is diffrent to tangles.

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